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This site was created for several purposes but mainly as a showcase for my work, services and talents.

My name is James Gregson and I would like to welcome you to!

I am a “Content Creator” and “Media Developer” with experience in a wide variety of the creative disciplines which include Videography, Video Production, Editing, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Photography, Lighting, Set Design, Prop Building, Visual Effects, Character Creation, Web Design, WordPress Development, Branding, eCommerce and Concept Development.

My business name is Gregson Studios and I am a freelancer and subcontractor who can work one on one, with your team, or I can put together a team in order to complete a project or production. I will work with other producers, small businesses, corporations, studios, agencies, independent film makers, entertainers, consultants and start-ups.

Please look around and do not hesitate to contact myself or any of my crew and teams if you have questions.

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Graphic Design, Branding and Motion Design Demo Video

This is a fun video created to highlight quality Graphic Design and Branding but to also demonstrate our other services like  Motion Graphic Design, After Effects Services, Professional HD and 4k Video Editing and Audio Production. Everything you see here was created in house.

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Quality work produced for customers like you

Combat Showcase Branding and Graphics

MMA TV Series – Brand Design

Worked with the show producers to create the look and feel of the Combat Showcase brand, music, merchandise and logo.

Alien Commercial on iPad

Comedy TV Commercial Series

Wrote, directed and produced comedy commercial series to appear on FoxSports. Productions included heavy special effects, sets and comedy writing.

Jet Case Branding

Jet Case Corporate ID

Designed and created the corporate identity for the new Jet Case Company. This included logo, branding,  website and promotional materials.

Galactic Squad 70 Poster

Concept Artwork

Designed and created conceptual and production artwork for television pilot. Included trendy promotional poster design and series style. Offshoot project currently in pre-production.


Responsive Web Development.

Designed and created website for Hollywood actor and television personality Dimitri Diatchenko.  Created a complete responsive website to include demo reels, social media and video.

US Vapor Source Business Cards

Logo & Web Design

Produced and designed a brand design for vapor wholesale company US Vapor Supply. Implemented and launched an eCommerce website which has proven to be very successful.

Sockville Professor and Stinky

Award Winning Children’s Show

Worked with a team of highly talented artists to create, write, direct and produce Sockville.  DVD currently available online at most online retailers.

Bus Stop Vapor Lounge Poster

Advertising Concepts

Designed advertising posters, trendy graphics and concept for a new Vapor Lounge.

The Casting Factor

Product & Brand Design

Created, directed, edited and produced training DVD series “The Casting Factor”. Designed all graphics, packaging, website, promo and marketing strategies.

production budgets of all sizes! Learn how james gregson can help you.

From Concept To Creation

Whether you have an idea for a viral video, promotional piece, television pilot or feature film, I can help bring your production to life. I also believe in “taking it to the next level” by bringing excitement and personality to everything I work on. I mean, come on… I made superstars out of some children’s socks and won an award for it!

I enjoy the freedom of working with budgets of all sizes and have learned a trick or two about saving time and money without sacrificing too much quality. I believe, “There is always a way” and you will discover I “walk my talk” as you venture further into my website.

From concept to creation, I will help make your ideas a reality.

You can bet your socks on it!

Latest Posts From The Gregson Studios Blog

James Gregson – Camera Work

Always Get The Shot

It does not matter if I am hired to shoot with a cell phone, handheld camera or a $75,000 professional HD camera, the important thing is to always get the shot. This reel was produced to demonstrate to a client the possibilities of shooting with a multitude of cameras and formats. The piece turned out so fun that I included it as one of my reels.

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Complete Web Design and Award Winning Media Production

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He truly is the one I will always use."


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