Services & Rates

Award winning products & services… What can we do for you?

Services & Rates

Award winning products & services… What can we do for you?

Types Of Products & Services Offered To Customers:

Television Camera, Live Events & Performances, Streaming, Training Videos, Explainer Videos, Television Commercials, Webmercials, Infomercials, Music Videos, Viral Videos, Promotional, Documentary, High End Real Estate Videos, Video Brand Design, Television Pilots, Short Films, Digital Signage Animation, Looping Videos, Cinemagraphs, Intros and Openers.

Many of these services are offered in both HD and 4K+

Freelance Services Include:
Videography, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Audio Editing, HD and 4K Editing, 2D Animation, Voice Over, Lighting, Prop & Set Design, Visual Effects, Photography, YouTube Channel Customization, Encoding & Transcoding, Directing, Producing. Pro Drone Services Coming Soon.

Our Customers:
Studios, Networks, Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Corporate, Producers, Entertainers, Educators, Startups, YouTubers… anyone who wants to produce a quality video.

Complete Video Packages Available – Call for details and pricing.

They Don’t Want You To Know…

We’ve worked for these big agencies, as employees and as subcontractors. We know their game and we know how they work.

Most of the time a client could have saved tons of money if they would have just gone directly to the source to have the work completed.

It’s all about eliminating the middleman and saving money.

One of our little insider jokes is that the inexperienced agency employee and intern’s actual job is, “To cause problems to justify their existence”.

Get your project completed cheaper and faster by calling us first!

Watch A Few Of Our Promotional Videos

Learn more about our services and see some great examples of what we can do for you!

Our Rates Are Pretty Simple

We like to keep things easy as you can see by our Rate Card. The way our Turnkey and complete packages work is simple as well.

View and download our rates, pricing, service details and contact information. Use this button to open and view our printer friendly PDF, it’s a great way to review, keep and print our valuable information.

Call Us Today 720-980-0219

Feel free to reach out to us, there are no obligations or high pressure sales tactics. We would love to discuss your project, goals and production ideas.

Specialized Individual Services

While we produce complete Productions and offer TurnKey packages to clients to make things easy, we also offer individual specialized services. Many of our clients require things like professional videography While others already have footage and just need things like editing. We offer these services on an hourly basis and can provide timelines and estimates to completing a project based on your budgets and requirements.


Professional videographers can film on everything from HD to 4K. We can also use your equipment if required.

Video Editing

Our editors are professional, fast and are familiar with working in high demanding environments.

Audio Production

We make sure your Productions always look their best and at the same time we make sure they sound good as well.


Have an idea you need to help elaborating on? Our creative and brilliant team can help you realize your vision.


We have experienced writing team that work in the industry writing everything from Comedy to technical scripts.


Planning is an extremely important part of any production let us help you plan to save time and money.


Scheduling talent, crews, locations, sessions, shoots and production schedules can be a daunting task. We can help with all of it.

Location Scouting

Looking for that special place to film a production? We work with professional Scouts who can provide Solutions you might not have thought of.


Management covers everything from scheduling to planning and we offer it as a complete solution.


If you have a complicated and detailed production it’s often a good idea to create a storyboard to share your vision.


Sometimes clients have talent and crew available but do not have experience in directing efficiently, we do.

Set Design

A good set design can make the difference between selling a visual idea or not. Good set design does not have to be expensive.


Getting the right Talent on camera can also make a big difference and can be the deciding factor in the success of a production.

Field Audio

The key to getting good sound is to capture could sound in the field or on set while filming. It can also save lots of time in post-production.


We have experience in broadcast lighting and understand what it takes to capture the perfect imagery. We can also supply an array of different light packages.

Voice Over

Pulling from a vast array of broadcast voice talent we know we have somebody to make your production sound its best.

Music Production

We also have access to a licensed and large music library. If you need custom music production in scoring we work with the best.

Motion Graphics

We can make your graphics and visuals move. Whether it’s a simple logo or screen title or cool 2D and 3D animation.

Prop Design

We believe your ideas should not be limited and we offer the same prop design services that we’ve used in our own Productions.

Green Screen

Proper green screen is not only a science but an art as well. Most of the green screen we see produced is not done properly, we won’t be those people.

Visual Effects

We use a combination of practical and digital effects to help achieve a believable or unbelievable set of effects.


Many times clients also require multiple versions of a Finnish production to be used in a number of applications.


Gregson Studios will master your final production to look and sound it’s best so it can be utilized for years to come.


Today YouTube is a necessity to any business and we can help you set up and optimize your YouTube channel and videos.

Gregson Studios - We're always looking for the next great client and project.

There isn't any project too big or too small, and were available to answer all your questions. Use the form below and it will email us directly and we will get back to you ASAP.

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