About Gregson Studios

Working as a professional in the video production industry since 1995

About Gregson Studios

Working as a professional in the video production industry since 1995

About Gregson Studios:

Buddy James Gregson is an International Award Winning Video Professional based in Southern Denver, Colorado. James has been producing professional video since 1996 and works with a wide array of clients from television studios to independent startups and small business owners.

The Keys To Success
“One of my keys to success is that I always surround myself with good people, quality talent and experience to crews. It doesn’t matter if it’s a three-man team or a 30 man crew, I always make sure I’m working with the best.” – James Gregson

The Official James Gregson Bio

James is an award-winning director, producer, and conceptual artist, who has been working in the professional entertainment industry all his life in one form or another. Originally an audio engineer and a professional musician, James has been shooting and performing since High School.

In school, James excelled at art and electronics. Mastering every art class offered during High School, James often participated in extracurricular activities, including filmmaking and stop action animation. Growing up exposed to technology and working in the family speaker engineering and manufacturing business, James quickly mastered the art of audio, going on to own and operate a successful audio company.

With a love for music and a deep understanding of live sound reinforcement, it was only natural that James’ company designed and manufactured professional concert sound equipment. Working at night as a guitar player/vocalist, James often ran sound and lights from stage, which helped promote the business and provided an excellent testing ground for his product line.

James started shooting professional video and working with a small agency in St. Louis around 1995 after training independently. Not long after, he got his taste of non-linear editing. Then he started teaching the concept of digital video and demonstrating systems for manufacturers and dealers.

As a joke, James and some friends created a short Action Trailer featuring a 12-year-old actor and called it “Youngblood Super Spy.” A documentary of this movie that didn’t exist was also created and entered into The International Digital “Fastival.” The project took 1st place as the Best Short Production and other awards for “The Best of Show” and “Creative Excellence” at NAB in 1986. This was a turning point for James, and a new career of creating innovative entertainment for film and television was born.

James then took on the challenge of creating an award winning children’s show along with not only a quality pilot series, but also the design of a complete line of merchandising. The DVD “Sockville” is now available online through Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and Barnes and Noble.

Other interesting projects include another award-winning concept called “Galactic Squad.” This quirky 1950s Sci-Fi spoof opened the St. Louis Film Festival with rave reviews and will be available online. Not far behind the release of Galactic Squad and other features currently in production, to be released into distribution in the spring of 2018.

Working for years in developing his own products has given James an edge when it comes to creating, producing, and designing. Clients recognize the vast range of talents and hire James to work on everything from corporate training, television commercials, indie film, television pilots, and infomercials, to print packages, product design, signage, websites, and studio design.

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