Policy & Procedures

Learn more about how we operate and maintain quality in all we do.

Policy & Procedures

Learn more about how we operate and maintain quality in all we do.

Our Policies & Some Important Details

In order to book a video project such as videography are filming, we require 50% down to hold the date. This is an industry standard and practice in the professional industry. We do this because if we book your date and you cancel on us many times it is not easy for us to book anything to replace that, and if you’ve booked a date we make sure that nobody else and no other projects get booked in that same time frame.

If for some reason we need to cancel we will provide you with a full and complete refund. But to this day we’ve never had to cancel on anyone.

Similar services such as editing, motion motion graphic design and post Production Services operate the same way. We predetermined the time required to complete your project in blackout our session time accordingly. We also let you know when we start and when we stopped working on your project for hourly Based Services.

Gregson Studios retains the rights to deny services to any individual, business or organization.

There are never any hidden fees or mystery charges and you always know ahead of time what your bill is going to be. Additional billable work is never performed without the client’s consent and approval.

Most of our projects are performed as a work-for-hire and once the project is completed you own it unless otherwise notified in advance and before starting. If licensed artwork, stock footage, stock music and other types of stock libraries are required for your project, we can either licensed them to you from our library or provide you with the information you need to license the material directly so you own it. These type of things will be discussed as we figure out what is needed to complete your project.

We ask that you own the rights to any stock footage, graphics, images, music, audio or templates that you provide as well and do not ask us to download material that you do not own or have license to.

If live actors and talent need to appear in your video while we are filming we can supply standard release forms. We also provide location release forms as required.

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