Gregson Portfolio

We’ve worked on a ton of projects… Here’s the proof.

Gregson Portfolio

We’ve worked on a ton of projects… Here’s the proof.

We’ve Worked On A Ton Of Stuff

Creativity, as well as technical talent, are very important elements in any kind of production. One of the most valuable virtues of a successful professional is real world experience.

We can’t show you everything in our portfolio, that would just be too boring. So we’ve pulled some of our favorite Productions and the most interesting ones we’ve worked on throughout the years. We’ve also included some interesting projects, clients, concepts and tried to provide an interesting variety.

When we said we’ve worked on a lot of different type of productions we want our future customers to know that we are serious. Take a look at some of our favorite projects and productions below.

Galactic Squad

In The Outer Realm


Code 4 Bikes

Decks & More Construction

Vegas Virtual Video

Combat Showcase

Sockville Live

Cooking With Food

Evil Egor Epic Movie Marathon

VFX Ghost Character Effects

Billy Craze

5 Star Vapor Lounge

Get Your Fix

Stone Cold Secrets

Casting Factor – Actors Edge

Green Screen Project

Small Business Monthly

Maralago – $1.5 Million Wedding

Home Showcase Television

The Guitar Channel

Hotshots Alien Commercial

Hotshot Sports Commercials

Jake Steele – Future Spy

Live At The Sheldon

Panasonic Varicam Promo Shoot


All Star Guitar Night

Cooking For Singles

Underground Comedy Network

Guitars Exposed

Youngblood Super Spy

Waterways America

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